People are turning to the Internet more often to find information about various products and services. Current studies have shown that about 83% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses, followed up with a visit or phone call. This means that business owners can no longer afford to take chances with mailers, phone book ads, or other traditional media that may or may not be working. Ad prices can vary depending on several factors, including, but not limited to: 1) Size of the advertisement (full page or half page) 2) Do you already have an ad designed or will you need it to be created 3) Do you have a website with a link we can attach to or will you need one to be made Prices are listed below (all advertisements will be in color) 1 Year Contract: Full page - $750 Half page - $500 6 Month Contract: Full page - $550 Half page - $300 3 Month Contract: Full page - $350 Half page - $200 Full page design -$175 Half page design - $100 Updates to pages will be at a rate of $25 and will not be done more than once a month. This will include changes in address, telephone number, or website, but will not be design- related.   Camera-ready ads* will not have an additional cost to publish, but the following additional rates apply for ads that will need to be designed by our team.